Friday, June 26, 2015

This Christians Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Today is going to be a day that goes down in American History.. The day the Supreme Court recognized gay marriage. 

What does that mean to me? Well as a straight woman, very little really. I have always believed that true homosexuality was not a choice. The negatives of coming out as gay have always been higher than the positives.. a person who comes out chances, alienation of family and friends, bullying, and abuse.. sometimes even deadly. Who would "choose" that? But if it's who you are? Well.. what choice do you really have? I know as a Christian I am supposed to believe that it's a sin and I may have to answer for my opinions at some point. But even if it is a sin, it's not my sin and I have way too many of my own to judge someone else's..

Now that I have said that. Gay Marriage? 

There are two sides of the problem or rather the term marriage. Secularly, marriage is a contract between two people. So why shouldn't we as a country allow gay marriage? It's a contract and contracts are written between individuals all the time, broken as well for that matter But here's where it gets sticky.. As a Christian, marriage is a covenant with God. A Covenant between one man and one woman.. hmmmmm..

So as a Christian, I think the gay activists need to recognize the Church's right to deny to marry you. Not to deny your marriage. See the difference? I don't feel that you have the right to enter a Christian Church and demand that they marry you. Don't say it won't happen, it already has.. and there will be people, powerful people who start mongering hate because they feel they have the "right" to be married in church. You do and you don't. 

According to the first amendment the government doesn't have the right to infiltrate the church. It's that whole separation of Church and State thing. You can't claim it just when it suits you. Now it's time for you activists to truly step up... You've talked the talk for years now it's time to walk the walk. 

Before you start screaming at me and calling me names.. Let's get this straight. I have never denied gay rights and I won't start now. What I am asking, no demanding is that you don't deny mine.. or any other Christian's rights. We have the right to separation of church and state. The right to follow their own rules and laws. Recognize and respect that. If you find a church that believes it's ok go for it. Shoot, adultery is mentioned as a sin in the Bible WAY more than Homosexuality is and churches regularly marry divorced people (that's considered adultery) and marry individuals who have been living together (that's supposed to be a sin a well). BUT don't go screaming into a church and DEMAND that they marry you.. that it's your legal right. It isn't. (Don't say this won't happen.. it will)

So my point? Congratulations.. as the leader of the Free World America should do just that, lead. But as the leader of the Free World we should lead in all areas, respecting the rights of all of our citizens and most importantly, respecting the rights that were built into this very nation. The guaranteed rights.


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  1. I like this. I agree...I think that people still have the right to disagree...on many topics, not just this one. I don't think we have to white-wash our world and demand acceptance for whatever topic at hand. That is what makes us a great nation--the beauty of difference. I worry that our voices will be hushed and THAT scares me.