Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Natasha Lynn

There are moments in our lives where we remember exactly where we were when it happened. I am sure most of us remember, 911.. 

I remember when Mark Spitz won his 7th gold medal, I remember where I was when Elvis Died and John Wayne.. But one of my favorite memories was when my sister Natasha was born. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I was told of her birth.

I was 8 years old and away at summer camp for the first time. I was so excited because finally no more day camp. Honestly, I don't really remember my mother being pregnant.. I mean she just was, I wasn't all that excited.. I already had two brothers. One older and one younger so what's one more kid? 

There we all were, in the mess hall enjoying dinner when one of the camp big wigs came and got me... totally scared me to death.. Seriously, what did I do? And why was I in trouble.. yeah, I know, Paranoid much? but hey, I was eight.. Anyway they pull me into a back room (who knew they had a back room with a phone in it) and handed me the phone. It was my mom, letting me know I had a baby sister.. Natasha Lynn.. I know I said all the right responses and refrained from saying seriously, you pulled me from dinner for this.. but we all know I was thinking it. 

Tasha has been a joy my entire life. I am honestly grateful for the eight years between us because she was truly a beautiful child.. and had she been just behind me my envy might have erupted.. instead I could enjoy her. Over the years I learned just how deep her beauty went. 

She was the person who would have custody of my children should anything happen to either myself or my ex.. yep I was placing my babies in her hands.. and I wrote this will when she was barely 21. I knew even then that she would always put my kids first.. As a matter of fact my only fear was that she would love my children so much that they would forget about me. I know weird thought.. and yet what a great comfort for a mother.. Knowing your children would always be loved. 

She has made every graduation both Middle School and HS (pretty impressive since she lives in FL and we lived in IL).. always remembered birthdays and holidays (way better aunt than I am) and has made trips to Disney World to see them when they performed there. There my sister was, with a double stroller, a video camera and a phone (calling me so I wouldn't miss it).. 

A Generous heart, a great friend and an even better sister..

Yep, I got lucky that long ago day when they pulled me from my dinner..


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