Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking Control

There comes a time when you finally hit bottom. Whatever is plaguing you, it can be simple it can be extreme but it is something you do that drags you down ever deeper. Then one day, something happens and you hit bottom.. or you think you have. When that happens you have to take stock and make your choices.. 

Today, I think I finally hit bottom.. I am so far into this pit of insanity (yep almost said pit of despair) that I think I hit bottom. I know I totally and completely fell apart. So what can I do? Well I can take the steps to stop looking for the trap door at the "bottom" which will of course take me only further down and start the ever so long walk back to the top.

I didn't screw up over night so I won't fix it overnight.. but I am treating my life like an addiction.. one day at a time.. One step, One moment.. just keep going no matter how many times I stumble. As long as you are working at fixing it, you are headed in the right direction... It's the doing nothing that messes you up. 

OK.. this is me taking back my life


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