Saturday, March 9, 2013

Changing Direction

What is the hardest thing for you to do? For me, it's changing direction. I tend to start down some path and then I see it's getting difficult or dangerous or just wrong and instead of stopping and re evaluating, I just keep on trudging. Until I am so deep all I can do is keep going. I figure hey I must be half way through this by now. 

Only trouble is, I never know how long the journey really is, so how can I determine that I am over half way there? I can't. and yet, I just keep barging on. It's painful, it's heartwrenching and yes it's demoralizing. 

Finally, when I know it is probably too late to fix things.. I stop face the facts and start the long journey back. It's not a really good way to live. 

Yesterday, I finally made that decision to backtrack.. I had that moment when I just decided that life is worth more than sitting in the darkness. So, I was able to face reality and move forward. Even if I had to do it in the hardest way possible. Of course this is standard operating procedure for me.

I need to stop and re evaluate.. then start over.. get my center and find a direction worth heading in.



  1. Sounds like you are struggling these days, Shauni. I hope you are okay and that you figure out how to move ahead to find happiness and peace within yourself. ((hugs))

    1. Thanks Lin

      It's just a hard time, I know I will get through it just by trudging forward.. or sideways as it were.. Just a day by day thing and eventually the trials get better..