Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Knew that Football was Like Ice Dancing?

It's November and the College Football season is coming to an end. Right now there are three premier teams that are undefeated. The way the system is set up, one of these teams will be S.O.L... why? Because the way they determine a national championship is mind boggling. It brings to mind the former Ice Dancing System. Where basically the only way you could ever win was to be a Russian Team.. You had to wait years for your turn and even then it was almost impossible to break through. Why? Well because it was a judging system held in secret. No one really understood how and why decisions were made.

For years people, men especially, have mocked Ice Dancing.. saying it isn't really a sport because well it's judged and it's subjective. Tell me how is it different from the current system BCS system? How can they decide upon a top team when it's biased? When you can loose out as number one because you lost a game LAST year? When it depends on opinions, polls and some really sketchy computer programs that no one understands. And of course a system that does everything possible to ensure a SEC team gets in the top two? Makes me wanna scream in some man's ear.. hey buddy.. guess what? If we go by your definition.. football isn't a sport.. It's JUDGED.

"The polls themselves are an unquestioned mess. Through the years they’ve proven to be ripe with bias, confusion, groupthink and voters of weak credentials. Coaches regularly admit that media relations directors and secretaries fill out their ballots. Since no coach has the free time to watch any game not involving next week’s opponent, this may actually be a good thing.
The polls also lack a set list of criteria for voters to follow – is it more important how you win, who you beat, how you lose, where you win, etc.? It’s up to whatever each individual voter decides, which adds subjectivity to the subjectivity.
That’s where “style points” come in, which, much to Kelly’s chagrin, tends to be awarded to teams that put up big offensive numbers and sizable margins of victory."

Sound familiar? Yeah me too.. sounds an awful lot like the ice dancing rules of old.

 "figure skating was formerly judged on a 6.0 scale. This scale is sometimes called "the old scale", or "old system". Skaters were judged on "technical merit" (in the free skate), "required elements" (in the short program), and "presentation" (in both programs). The marks for each program ran from 0.0 to 6.0 and were used to determine a preference ranking, or "ordinal", separately for each judge; the judges' preferences were then combined to determine placements for each skater in each program. The placements for the two programs were then combined, with the free skate placement weighted more heavily than the short program. The lowest scoring individual (based on the sum of the weighted placements) was declared the winner."

What's a girl gotta do to get a playoff?

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