Saturday, November 10, 2012

Living Off the Grid, Part Three Transportation

I have a friend who is taking a class. Not sure the exact term but it's a biology class and her most recent environment is about living off the grid, so she got me thinking. What does that mean to you? When we were kids it meant, living with the hippies in the hills in Laguna Canyon, or running or to a commune (usually in Oregon.. hey that's where California sent all it's crazies) or escaping to Montana or Idaho..come on you know what I mean.. But by today's standards living off the grid within society is the dream..

As this topic really got to me I am going to write my own thoughts about it in a three or four part blog (not sure how long this will capture little old ADD me so it's three or four for now)

Part Three... Transportation

There was a joke going around when I was a kid that has stuck with me for my entire life. When everyone was heading for the moon they talked about what was left there. I can't remember the entire joke but it went along these lines, The Russians left (insert object here), The English left (again insert object here) and the Americans, well they left a car. As I said I don't remember the entire joke but the car comment has remained permanently entrenched in my mind. Why? Well face it Americans love their cars and for some reason refuse to consider the ramifications of what they are doing to our ecosystem. Sure, there is the argument that cows produce more methane and do more damage to the world than cars but the fact remains, one we can do something about and one we can't. Why do we refuse to seek alternative fuel? Why do we allow big business and the oil companies to run our lives? Consider how many lives have been lost in the fight for oil and the resentment of Americans around the world in oil producing countries. Imagine that we could give them what they want and leave them alone. Create a cleaner, greener alternative fuel and take America out of the oil business. Oh sure there will be a need for the oil around the world but by removing one of the largest users we allow for growth without further damage. In fact we provide an alternative, affordable fuel and change the world. Creating jobs as well as a cleaner world.

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