Friday, November 9, 2012

Living Off the Grid, Part Two Alternative Power Sources

I have a friend who is taking a class. Not sure the exact term but it's a biology class and her most recent environment is about living off the grid, so she got me thinking. What does that mean to you? When we were kids it meant, living with the hippies in the hills in Laguna Canyon, or running or to a commune (usually in Oregon.. hey that's where California sent all it's crazies) or escaping to Montana or Idaho..come on you know what I mean.. But by today's standards living off the grid within society is the dream..

As this topic really got to me I am going to write my own thoughts about it in a three or four part blog (not sure how long this will capture little old ADD me so it's three or four for now)

Part Two... Alternate Power Sources

Another option for living off the grid would be alternate use of power. From private solar panels to personal windmills individuals are finding ways to make their space as green as possible. Can you imagine not having your home linked to any power source and yet still having all the comforts of well, home? Geomestic points out the different options in living green. Creating a green home within walking distance to all your needs, thereby eliminating the need for a car. Or maybe having an available space to grow your own vegetables, eliminating the need to purchase store bought and possibly items shipped from various locals. While they describe not being connected to any power source there are others who claim it is best to be connected but to send power back. That way, you are helping others to live a greener life. Your free energy is helping others as well. Whether it is solar panels, a water mill or a windmill there is a great ability to make your home just a little bit greener and allowing you a freedom from utility bills. An amazing economical feat. This could free you up to maybe take that job that pays a bit less but is closer to home, or take that dream job that you couldn't before because your bills just weren't being met. What an amazing freedom.. living a happier life has to be healthier.

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