Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am a huge sports fan and even more so a huge fan of college sports. I was raised to appreciate them. My parents tell the story of my dad asking my mom (the non sports fan) on their first date, to go see the 7' basketball player, a freshman at UCLA then known as Lou Al Cinder.

I was blessed in the fact that my dad loved sports but he also loved his children, all of us. We did not understand the dynamics of male/female athletes. The better player played. Well in our games we all played but we were never told that we were not any good because of gender. I remember watching UCLA, I remember them winning honestly for years and I mean years I thought there really wasn't another college basketball team worth watching. I think I was in my late 20's before I found out that UCLA wasn't considered the best and that there were other premier teams.

When UCONN first came on to the scene back in the 90's I enjoyed their rise to stardom. They were not just good they were sexy. They were ladies any young girl could look up to and appreciate. The sad fact is they were attractive, because we all know in women's sports you don't get to just be the best you must be the most attractive (thank you Don Imes, even if everyone seemed to miss that part of the insult). And the UCONN girls were just that, attractive.

What gets lost so often is they are more than pretty girls who play basketball they are the best. They have accomplished something that NO OTHER college basketball team has accomplished. Not a single one. WOW!!

We, the sports fans of America should be cheering these ladies on. We should be showering them with accolades and watching them with awe. I know many are and sadly I also know that there are many who will push them back to mere girl status. All I can say is too bad for those who do that. Too bad for any who attempt to diminish this amazing accomplishment to a gender thing. These girls are awesome athletes, awesome competitors and awesome winners.

Congratulations UCONN you did good.

ps.. this blog is dedicated to Sarah who doesn't play basketball but does go to UCONN so I had to give her a shout out.

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