Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poor Conan..... NOT

Call me unsympathetic but I am really tired of listening to how Conan O'Brien got the shaft. This spoiled child has lost all of my respect and I seriously doubt I will ever watch another of his shows again. The bottom line is the man wasn't doing the job his boss thought he should be doing so he got fired. It happened to a lot of us these past few years, some of us for much less obvious reasons. And frankly how many of us got a kazillion dollar severance package when we went. Most of us were lucky if our unemployment wasn't contested.

Conan was offered a job that he really didn't fit into. I mentioned this before he moved not that anyone did or should have listened to me. But face it folks there is a reason why Jay Leno has consistently won the late night wars. People like him, his humor is middle of the road. No snarky avant garde humor for him. No, just basic stuff that feeds to the masses an easy way to say good night. Now I am not saying Conan wasn't funny, I watched his show regularly and when he moved I watched it to but it was lacking. Conan didn't account for the fan base, he just assumed everyone would find him funny. Hello all you people out there we have more than the west and east coast to entertain.. we have an entire nation in between.. we have many more than teenagers and trendy 20 somethingers we have older people, people who enjoy a relaxing chuckle in the evening.. people who don't find the masturbating bear all that funny.

Arrogance is not attractive in our tv late show personality. Another reason I am fed up with the whiner is lets face it, the man went from college to writing on SNL and The Simpson's to late night comedy. He didn't spend a lifetime working for it, he has no clue what the masses like. He didn't have to walk into an empty room or a bomb in a crowd. Nope he had the keys to the kingdom handed to him. Jay Leno works darn hard for his livelihood, way harder than he needs to at this point and I am sure there are plenty who can give me a list of things wrong with him but he doesn't whine he works... Conan and his feelings of entitlement suck. In his latest interview he says he wouldn't have done this to Jay... wait a minute didn't he? Jay Leno did not ASK to leave the tonight show, no Conan was making noises about leaving late night and NBC cooked up this fiasco, initially it was Jay who was supposed to be out in the cold. Jay who at the time and ever since had the number one show but Conan wanted it and Conan got it.. Too bad so Sad it didn't work out for him.

Now Conan will land on his feet in an appropriate environment but it won't be the Tonight Show.. He doesn't have what the regulars want.. Jimmy Fallon may though. He gets that earnest simple humor even when he is being silly and late night appropriate.. but that is for way down the road. Until then I say Break a Leg Jay.. and if he keeps whining make it Conan's.. No not really. Conan enjoy the advantages you have and remember you have it WAY better than most.

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  1. Great post, although I could give a rat's fart about either of them. Hell I wish we could get $32 mill to be let go. actually he wasn't asked to leave, as you said his ratings weren't good enough and he was offered the time period he held previously. Yes I know he has a following, but not as large as Jay's. But to me there was and still is only one host of the Tonight show, someone who not only emanated class, but how he bowed out and left public life altogether. Of course I talk of Johnny Carson. The only host and TV personality I wish was still had around.