Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disgusted by Poor Service at Papa Johns

Recently I placed an order at Papa John's Pizza and was totally offended by their service ethics. We as a family order pizza quite regularly.. way too often as a matter of fact but we do so. We usually eat at the less expensive places because face it the others cost way too much! We have tried Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Dominoes.. We each have a preference but Papa John won out because 1, it cost less and 2, they sold Diet Coke.. Their recent escapades have lost them our business, guess I will be going back to Pizza Hut.

A couple of weeks ago we placed an order at Papa John's the order included a 2 liter of Diet Coke. Now it was expensive for soda but they were delivering and I was out. When the order came the driver was very apologetic because they had run out of 2 liters of Diet Coke so they sent 3 20oz individual sodas.. Now you do the math... a 2 liter has 64 oz in it. I was needless to say shorted but what the heck I let it go.

The next week we once again placed an order this time it included two 2 liters of Diet Coke.. Once again the driver came along properly apologetic holding up his bag of 20 oz sodas. Fortunately for me... the bag only held 3 bottles, I had ordered two 2 liters so I sent him back.. Explaining that I expected 4 bottles as I should not be shorted because they ran out of soda. He came back a little later with 4 bottles.

Tonight I placed another order at for the same thing.. Low and behold they were once again out of Diet Coke and once again the driver came along properly apologetic with his 6 20 oz bottles. So once again I was shorted. I became fed up and told the driver, politely as it wasn't his fault the manager likes to cheat his customers, that Papa John's no longer had my business. That I refused to do business with a store that so lacked business ethics...

This irks me on two levels.... one they have been out of Diet Coke 2 liter bottles for over two weeks.. What is there a shortage of Diet Coke that I was unaware of? If they really have such problems could they not scoot over to Wal Mart (which is like 5 minutes away) and buy some.. I mean they have them on sale for 99cents there. The store could still make a ridiculous profit on their Diet Soda. The second reason it bothers me is because they refuse to understand that the customer should not be so inconvenienced.. I mean basic customer service would allow for the costumer to be over compensated not under. When I tried to call the store I was left on hold for well over 30 minutes.. How do they run a business when they don't take their phone calls and they short their customers?

Well it doesn't matter to me because I am no longer a customer

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