Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When Your Computer Crashes

I know it has happened to all of us.. go to turn on the computer and so long farewell... etc.. Yesterday my laptop, my lifeline, my emotional support crashed!! Oh my gosh.. how does one survive? LOL..

Fortunately for me I do have a Kindle Fire that will allow me to access much of my life until I can replace my computer. I also have some really wonderful friends who are letting me use their back up computer for a day or two.. whew... I can function!

It is amazing how huge a part the computer plays in our lives. Oh sure there are many who may not even turn theirs on.. But me, I have facebook to keep up with all of my friends and family. I have SIX blogs sure I am only active on a few at a time but any given day I could change that. I have twitter accounts for two of my blogs. I have Triberr which promotes my blogs..

And then there are my friends. The ones that I have made via my blogs.. I have two ladies who work with me on my review blogs. I have a couple of friends that interact on my blogs and share discussions with me and of course all of the authors that I pretend are my friends.. *grins* Hey I have discussions with plenty of them on a semi regular basis so they can at least be claimed as acquaintances..

It's one thing when you decide to go have a life and the computer is sitting her waiting for you.. it's a completely different matter when you can't just turn on your life..

Oh well, it's raining out but I could go play in it for a bit..


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