Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Get a Clue Review

I recently read an article about how some people find this new official state logo offensive. Say it's not very female friendly and sends the wrong message. I suppose they could be right.. the thing is, seriously get a life. In my Honest and Humble Opinion, this is a clever and witty tie in to the business industry the state of Florida is trying to attract. Sure it has a tie in it.. but what better way to connect the dots? The tie is a recognizable symbol for a businessman. Ok, yes business man but we recognize what it represents and it works. 

Ladies, don't you have something better to get offended by? I can think of a list.. valid, actual complaints.. There is a time to consider what battles are worth fighting. I, and last I checked I am female, didn't even see an offense until I read the article. I just saw a clever logo. I am still not offended.. I have to wonder how many women agree with me. Oh sure they may be mildly offended, shrug your shoulders offended, don't care or disagree.. There are a lot of women out there. 

Personally, I would rather women get offended by spousal abuse, child abuse, breast cancer and a varied of other real issues than looking at a tie and saying oh this represents all that is wrong with America today. Do I see where you are coming from? Of course I do.. if we use a picture that is typically male, subliminally it means women are not going to go as far in the business world.. *rolls eyes* So wear a tie.. Sorry if I sound flippant I am just tired of over political correctness.

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