Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Reason Why I Really Dislike the Media

The college football season is winding down, one more game to play.. and yet the idiots that man the mike and manage the media have totally irked me.

Recently Northern Illinois University was a bowl buster.. they managed to get themselves into one of the four major bowl games.. they won that right according to the rules and yet were never treated with respect. It was declared right off the bat that Northern did not belong.. That another team should have gone in it's stead.. That Northern had a weak schedule and therefore their ranking was suspect.. I really really wanted them to win the Orange Bowl.. They didn't.. in fact they lost 31-10.. Although for the first three quarters they held their own! The media has had a hey day with this. They have slammed Northern right and left.. saying they don't belong in the bowl games.. they weren't worthy, blah blah blah

Kansas St and Oregon played just recently in the Fiesta Bowl. Both had claimed the number one spot at one time. As a matter of fact Kansas was considered the better team and Oregon didn't claim number one until Kansas fell. But when the game was on the line Oregon did their thing and trounced Kansas.. 31-18.. and yet the media didn't proclaim Kansas St as losers.. Nope haven't heard that yet..

Let's see Orange Bowl.. 21 pt difference
Fiesta Bowl... 18 pt difference
seems to me both games were a bit mismatched

And let's not even get into the Sugar Bowl where Univ of Florida lost to Louisville 33-23... Hmm no one said that Florida was a bunch of losers..

Oh yeah.. when NIU went in and during the entire game.. they kept commenting on how NIU isn't like Boise State or TCU since both of those teams were proven teams and belonged in the BCS series.. wait.. they didn't start out as proven teams.. Not too long ago they were Bowl Busters!!

I wish the sports announcers would stick to announcing the game.. not telling us how stupid er smart they are.

Ok Rant over for now1!

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