Monday, July 2, 2012

Support is an Amazing Thing

As I have posted on the past couple of days.. I am seriously considering taking a walk.. What surprises me is the amount of support that I have received.

I thought this was at best a hair brained half baked idea.. but instead I have friends lining up to help me.. To get me to the track so I can get some basic walking in.. To offer me suggestions about the trip, where to stop, how to make it work.. why it would be good for me. Sheesh I thought this was a totally insane concept.. something to joke about, dream about, whatever but the more I discuss it.. the more it seems like a go.

So.. if you are interested.. I will be slowly turning this blog into a walk my weight off blog.. at least for the next year.. Sure I may discuss other stuff but for the most part you will be walking with me.. learning about the journey..


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