Friday, July 27, 2012

Mark Spitz, Who can forget?

Do you remember this? Watching Mark Spitz win his 7th medal was one of my where were you moments.. I remember how hyped up we all were.. and the Munich Olympics were in September so we were back in school.. We weren't really allowed to stay up late on normal occasions but this was the Olympics!! We were all set.. I lay on the carpet in front of our console TV (my favorite viewing spot) and waited.. and waited.. Gradually my eyes closed and I fell asleep. Next thing my ten year old self knew my dad was waking me up so I wouldn't miss it.. It was such an awesome moment.

Yahoo Sports has a wonderful article on this.. click HERE if you are interested


  1. Yep, I remember. And please.....let's not all pretend that Phelps is anywhere near how handsome Spitz was!! I love how they try to make him out to be some stud (like Spitz) when he's so freaky looking!

    And that would be why I don't watch the Olympics anymore--they focus on all the weird stuff about athletes and how they can make money when this is all said and done. It's not like the old days. :(

    1. Lin we are HUGE swimming fans here.. we watch it year round... go to meets etc.. and we have seen many many beautiful swimmers, Michael Phelps is NOT one of them. He has a body that is geared for swimming, short legs, long torso and an armspan that is actually longer than he is tall.. that does not make for my idea of a gorgeous body.. and the rest.. well let's just say if you can't say something nice..

      I miss the unique stuff. Like Eddie the Eagle and the Jamaican Bobsled team now there isn't any of that stuff.. now it's all about winning.. and it's worse than when we were kids because at least we had the "Russians" that we had to beat!