Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

As I have mentioned in the past I am an avid football fan. I like the NFL but I LOVE college ball. I follow several teams finding my favorites every year. Over the past few years I have enjoyed watching Tim Tebow become the fabulous player he is. I know there are many who think he will flop in the NFL for any number of reasons but today I read an article that totally ticked me off.

Please remember the NFL is an organization that allows convicted man slaughterers on their rosters, who allows players to pretty much get away with anything as long as they don't get press (and that has only changed in the past few years) but they feel that Tim Tebow may be a polarizing athlete because he stands firm and is vocal about his faith. He does not cram it down the throats of others but he does stand firm in his personal belief. That it seems is offensive to many in the NFL. Let me tell you right now if that is the reason Tim or as Word Girl affectionately calls him, Timmy, is not drafted then the NFL has lost me forever.

I read this article and frankly I was appalled. Basically it tells us that he may not be drafted because he is a Christian who stands for his belief. How did this country come to this? Where we are ashamed of those who take a stand for Christ? I know we idolize the unfit often but here is a gracious, attractive, charismatic, talented young man and because he devoted these attributes to God there are those who want him to fall. Now if he is like any other Christian he will stumble, he will make mistakes, too bad that if and when it happens the media will rejoice and make sure the entire world knows it.

Ok, I have said enough, I just needed to vent

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