Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Books

I love summer, even when I am working I love summer. There is just so much about it that says put on your suit, grab your beach stuff and head off, time to play. Of course to me that means go play in the ocean, a difficult thing when one lives in the Midwest. When I can not head for the ocean I grab a book and the very best part about summer is all those lovely new books that come out!!

In case anyone wondered I am a book fanatic.. in a way reading is my drug of choice, there is absolutely nothing better than a good book. I am one of those that will reread a good book, something that has been known to drive my mother crazy... but that is just a side benefit. I re read books because when I read I am standing right there next to the characters and they become my friends. I am interested in them and occasionally want to go back and visit them. That of course makes me a huge lover of sequels, then I get new stories and get to touch on the lives of "friends" I have already made.

Since I am such a huge reader I thought I would share a few of the authors I love. Most of them either have a book coming out or just did.

Sherrilyn Kenyon... not for the logical minded.. what a GREAT author, she has several series out right now. I first fell in love with her as Kinley Macgregor when she was writing a historical fiction series but stumbled onto her Dark-Hunter series. Oh my goodness, the woman is brilliant. This is a series that brings, Greek Mythology (actually she uses several different pantheons but in the beginning it is mostly greek) a unique and interesting twist on the vampire genre and takes us on a most intriguing ride. She also has a few other series out which I would recommend. In short if she wrote it, I suggest you read it.

Christine Feehan... another prolific writer who currently has 4 series running. The only downfall to so many series is that you have to wait an entire year before the next book in a series comes out. She too has a twist on vampires, her Carpathian Series, is sensual, intriguing and downright captivating. Another author I suggest you read, just because she is good. But she too is not one for the overly logical.. Which means I wouldn't recommend my mom read it.

Other authors that are fun... Julie Garwood and Elizabeth Lowell. Julie is one of those writers who just cracks me up. In her earlier historical work, I was constantly thinking the hero had to be banging his head against the wall at the total insanity of the characters around him. I would just giggle... Elizabeth Lowell has some pretty great books out there, I would warn you though she is a tease, she creates these fabulous characters then leaves one or two without a story and moves on to a new series. Being the person I am it keeps me hoping for a book for those lost folks. Both of these authors write in what I call the romantic suspense genre... kinda like a Bogart film, the story is great and the romance intertwines with the plot.. not the plot is the romance.

Nalini Singh and Alyssa Day are two of my newer favorites. Both have a great series running and I am enjoying them immensely. Nalini has a series set in the future about, psychics, shape changers and humans... an interesting intertwining of the three. and Alyssa is another one who brings ancient myths to current times as she writes about warriors of Atlantis...

Jacquelyn Frank, Alexis Morgan, Christina Dodd, Gaelon Foley, Stephanie Laurens, Karen Marie Moning, Jayne Anne Krentz and all her aka's, Lisa Kleypas and the ever prolific Nora Roberts.

The only problem with reading for me is I read too darn fast.. yes I know many of you say the same but I inhale new books, once I start reading I can not put a book down until it is finished. Whether it is a Math book, a dictionary (ok, pushing it) or a novel. I LOVE reading. I suppose the benefit about reading fast is I usually finish a book the day I get it so I can put it down sooner than if I read slowly. And yes the day I get it.. I am not exaggerating.

Whatever happens I know this summer will be filled with exciting stories and crazy characters and when life gets too insane I will have a good book to hide in.

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