Friday, July 19, 2013

Something Amazing is Happening

I know I haven't written tons about my weight loss plan.. I haven't written much at all but I have not given up! I don't have a scale so am not weighing myself daily (this is a good thing) but I am thinking I need to find a scale soon!!

My body is slowly coming to order..

First off, the other day I needed to borrow a pair of my daughter's gym shoes and found a really nice pair (for the record not the ones she suggested but no way did these fit her, as they are tight on me and I have smaller feet). My problem with gym shoes is well, shoelaces.. aside from my lifelong refusal to tie my shoes more than once a day (if I tie them once they should stay tied) I haven't been able to actually reach my shoelaces in a very long time. I seriously was loving the whole slip on thing.. but I put these shoes on (and they were a bit snug) but was able to bend over and tie them right up.. YAY..

Next.. a couple of days later I put on one of my favorite tops. This top is a fitted T.. it was never tight but it definitely hugged my ample curves.. but it was hanging on me.. yep that's right hanging.. it didn't hug anything but my chest (note the word ample was not used - even fat I know all the flat jokes). I thought maybe the top is just stretched out.. maybe it's just that old.. so the next day I put on a nice fitted cotton blouse, with buttons. Now this top had started to hit the gap stage.. you know when the buttons gap instead of laying smooth.. BUT it was hanging on me too!! 

OH MY GOSH.. it's working!! I don't think I have reached my first goal yet (and yes I have my eventual goal and a series of attainable goals to help me get there) but I am seriously on my way..

The thing about weight loss is it is addicting.. now that I know I am loosing weight.. I am working harder to do so. Walking further (yes in the sweltering heat).. watching my diet even better and totally getting into it! 

Just wanted to share!!



  1. You are worth it lady. .. keep up the good work. ...!

  2. I'm so happy for you!!! It's happening...and coming along nicely. Keep up the good work! The efforts are paying off. ;)

  3. You should tie and untie those shoes a few times a day--just for the exercise of it!

    How wonderful!!! I'm glad that you are seeing results for all of your hard work. Amp up the water intake--that will make a big difference too.

    Keep it up, Shauni!!