Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Just None of Our Business

I am a huge fan of Freedom of the Press.. I understand that the papers need to have the right to say what they want to. I understand that if they do not have this right then so much can be controlled.. but tell me.. why do we, the people have the right to know the private lives of public people?

Throughout my life I have watched the press gradually turn into an embarrassing caricature of itself. Instead of being the fourth estate it has become the neighborhood gossip. Gladys from Bewitched, you know that nosy neighbor that no one really liked.

What has sparked my rant today? Well the pictures of Will and Kate.. Let's see, a couple goes on a PRIVATE vacation in a gated compound. They go to get some sun on their enclosed balcony.. She takes off her top and pictures are snapped.. She was NOT on a beach (even a private one) on some boat in the open sea..nope she was on a PRIVATE estate.. I guess to me that means she should be allowed some privacy.. Oh and the second shots, the one where *gasp* she asks her HUSBAND to put some sunscreen on her lower back (this includes pulling her bikini bottom down a little)

Oh my, the nerve.. off gallivanting with her husband.. and behaving perfectly appropriately for a PRIVATE location.. I think the Royal Family should be shouting with joy.. Yep, here is a couple that is committed to each other. Sure they deserve their privacy.. and these photographers are just awful. BUT the fact remains, what they got was Will and Kate showing that they care about each other in a private moment.. I think Buckingham Palace should come out with their lip snarled and their superior attitude that only the Brits can do. Pointing out that the voyeurs that needed to take this picture must be jealous of the fact that these two just like each other.. Mock them.. yep Mock the photographers.. They are so desperate for scandal that the best they could get was Will in Kate in a private moment doing private things.. Mock them.. point out that if that is what they consider news then they should be ashamed of themselves.. and maybe they need to get a life.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? Well, for starters it's just not any of our business what a private couple does and someone needs to point this out.


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  1. The only way to combat this is to not click on the photos or the articles about it. Don't buy the rags and turn the channel on crap shows that talk about stuff like this. Once they lose the audience, they will curtail the invasive intrusions into others lives. Right now, folks love this crap.