Friday, June 29, 2012

Taking a walk...

So I decided.. I think.. I hate and I mean really HATE being fat.. I seriously can't stand it.. and yet I can't seem to stick with a diet.. I honestly even contemplated signing up for the biggest looser.. yes I feel I am that big...

Back to my decision.. I will be working on my weight all summer but I think and here's the big I think.. I may be going for a walk. Taking a long walk.. As in moving blond girl to college.. getting PITA Boy settled and then going for a walk... and not coming back.. take the next year to walk.. across the country.. get where ever I am going.. see whatever I can see.. Kill the proverbial two birds with one stone.. As I consider this the plan seems to be better and better. Oh sure the first little while I won't make it far.. I will be lucky to get 10 miles a day if that far.. but if I just keep going I should eventually progress..

I think I am going to walk until I loose it all.. every single pound I want to loose.. Take a year.. enjoy the country and loose the weight..

Sure I would take my camera, my laptop and share my journey.. both weight and visual.. I am still considering this.. I may just take off on my bike.. as I love biking as well... Actually I hate walking unless there is a purpose... walking around tracks is boring but walking with a purpose.. yeah that can be fun. Make sure I have my iPod full, my camera ready and my sense of adventure all set..

It's still a consideration.. just a thought but it certainly intrigues me..


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