Friday, May 4, 2012

A Fun Question for you all!

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author? 
This is just such a hard question for me.. First off I would have to decide on my favorite author.. Do I go back to my all time favorite? JRR Tolkien? Or do I choose a current  author?  Or maybe one of the classics.. I love Alexander Dumas, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain and Shakespeare.. Then there were my college fun reads, Louis L'Amour and Nora Roberts (when she wrote silhouette) Or there the authors that I loved who just stopped writing.. 

I suppose I would say the same thing to all of them. Thank you.. Thank you for the years of my childhood where I took your book everywhere with me. Where I made my friends listen to excerpts from Tolkien, while we were on Girl Scout Camp outs.. Thank You Norton Juster for teaching me about the English language all the while making me think it was a fantasy story.. Thank you Dumas for all those wonderful smexy men.. from D'Artangnon to Edmond Dante. Thank you all those authors whose books I would read while hiding in the closet, so no one would interrupt me.. Thank You Sherrilyn Kenyon for starting the fad of Greek Myths and Vampires with a twist.. Thank you Caris Roane for giving us Endelle and letting us help create her clothes. The list goes on but the heartfelt words remain the same

Thank You

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  1. Yeah, I think a hearty "thank you" and a big hug for all of those authors whose books we read over and over again. Especially the ones my children and I shared all those nights all snuggled in their beds. :)