Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Year

It has been a wild 6 months and I find it hard to believe that I have managed that long without a computer. What crazed insane world have I been living in? I mean how can I contact friends? Find out what I missed on the soaps? Read the paper????

Seriously it has been a time of healing for me because as I tend to do I go obsessed with my online life and forgot about the rest. Now I am working very hard on getting life back in balance.. I have friends, yes I am actually going out with them occasionally... a movie, the bookstore, a get together.. wow.. what a difference from this time a year ago when I sat in a room and waited for life to come to me..

Today when I came to the library I stepped in and said hello to a friend (who happens to run it) she was surprised not just to see me but to see that I had on a nice sweater, jewlery and even a touch of make up.. all just because I wanted to go to the library. Nothing more special than that. It is great that I am finally getting out of the dumpy mom stage of my life. It has been a long, very very long haul but I am getting there.

For right now, until I actually do get a computer writing this blog is going to be sporadic at best, don't worry I will be around to occasionally comment on what ever crosses my mind. I know you all have been devestated without my regular doses of what I call wit..

Have a wonderful January all, remember go outside enjoy life don't get trapped like I did.. eventually the trap is sprung and you have to figure out how many decades you missed

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