Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back on Track FINALLY

Sorry folks the past month or so has been horrid, first I had just a major case of the blues, I was blogged out and feeling pressured to write.. I mean how silly is that? There was no one standing there pushing my buttons but I had put such expectations on myself I was feeling like a failure because I could not keep up with the 5 blogs that I normally write. So I stopped writing in any of them. That was a harsh choice but it was a good one.

BUT... I finally had the ground back under me.. was feeling secure had a notebook and I mean a note book of ideas on what to write on and what happens? My computer crashed. Not a dainty oops give me some time and I can fix it crash but a serious plan the funeral, lower the flag, play taps kinda crash!!! So I have been off the puter for the past two and half weeks because of that. I have decided that regular trips to the library are going to have to help me out for a bit. So while I will not have daily blogs I will have regular ones and I will be able to once again visit all the dear and wonderful friends I have made through my blogs..

Thanks for your patience and support..


  1. I totally understand your "blues" downtime. Hence the reason I haven't blogged in awhile as well. Glad to have you back..Take it easy on yourself while you're computer short..It does help..Good Luck!

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer. That really suuuuuccccckkkkkkks!

    I hope you're able to get back to blogging soon.